Dr. Alok Kumar Srivastava
Senior Scientist (Plant Pathology)

Research Interest:

  • Genomics of AIMs based on WGS (de novo/reference)

  • Bioprospecting of genes and allele mining for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance

  • Development of Consortia based effective microorganisms formulation for nutrient and disease management in crops

Contact Details:


E-mail: aloksrivastva@gmail.com

Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.)

On-going projects:

Reference and De Novo Draft Genome Sequencing of Potential Biocontrol,Plant Growth Promoting Organisms and Extremophiles and their Functional Annotation (PI)

Microbial Genomic Resource Repository (MGRR) (PI)

Development of microarray based Gene Chip for major fungal plant pathogens under the background of DNA barcodes using multilocus gene phylogeny (Co-PI)  

Microbial diversity analysis of extreme ecological niches (Co-PI)

Outreach Project On Phytophthora, Fusarium and Ralstonia Diseases Of Horticultural And Field Crops (Co-PI)

Selected list of publications: