Dr. Samadhan Yuvraj Bagul

Designation: Scientist (Agricultural microbiology)

Professional Experience: 2 yrs

Research Interest: Biofuel, Cyanobacteria,

Contact Details: E-mail: samadhanbagul@gmail.com, Mobile: 9119867609  


Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):

1.      ICAR- JRF (Plant Sciences)

2.      ICAR- SRF (Agricultural microbiology)


Membership of Societies:

ARSSF (Life Member)

On-going projects:

Bioprospecting extremophilic cyanobacteria for plant growth promoting attributes and high value pigments (Institute Project as PI)

Publications (no.) 7

· Research papers : 04 · Reviews · Books · Book Chapters

· Popular articles:01 · Others :2

List of publications (Best 10 publications) :

Samadhan Yuvraj Bagul, Randhir Bharti and Dolly Wattal Dhar. (2017). Determination of fuel quality of wastewater grown Chlorella sp. for biodiesel production based on fatty acid profile. Water Science and Technology, DOI: 10.2166/wst.2017.223,  

Samadhan Yuvraj Bagul, Radha Prasanna and Dolly Wattal Dhar (2017). Biomass productivity and nutrient removal study with wastewater grown microalgae for biodiesel production. Green Farming. 8(3):672-675.

Samadhan Yuvraj Bagul, Sachitra Kumar Ratha, Radha Prasanna, Supradip Saha and Dolly Wattal Dhar (2015). Enhancement in total lipids in microalgae through cultural manipulations and their fatty acid profiling, Indian journal of Biotechnology (14), 429-432.


Samadhan Yuvraj Bagul , Radha Prasanna and Dolly Wattal Dhar (2012). Identification of efficient microalgal strains for growth potential and total lipids, Indian Journal of Plant Physiology, 17, 3&4 (N.S.), 203-206


Samadhan Yuvraj Bagul, Hillol Chakdar, N Karthikeyan (2017). Green and Clean Energy: Microalgae as a source for fuel. (Popular article). Biomolecule Reports-An international newsletter.