Adarsh Kumar

Designation: Scientist (Agronomy)

Professional Experience: From July, 2018 onwards

Research Interest:


Soil fertility management and Conservation Agriculture,

Contact Details:


Scientist (Agronomy)

ICAR, National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms (NBAIM)

Kushmaur, Mau Nath Bhanjan-275103. Uttar Pradesh. India

Mobile: 9452640028, 7905620774


Significant recognition (Awards/Fellowships/ Technologies transferred/ Patents etc.):



  • ICAR-JRF (Agronomy)
  • ICAR-SRF (Agronomy)
  • ICAR-NET (Agronomy)


Research Experience:







Attended Two international congress

i.         Participate in The third International Agronomy Congress on “Agriculture Diversification, Climate Change Management and Livelihoods” at ICAR-IARI, New Delhi-110012, during 26-30 November 2011.


ii.       Participated in the fourth International Agronomy congress on “Agronomy for sustainable management of natural resources, environment, energy and livelihood security to achieve zero hunger challenge” at ICAR-IARI, New Delhi-110012, during 20th February to 27th February 2017.



Membership of Societies:


On-going projects:


Publications (no.)

Research papers: 03


Kumar A., Rana K.S., Rana D.S. and R.S. Bana. Effect of Nutrient and moisture management practices on productivity and water use efficiency of Maize + Soybean intercropping system. Indian Journal of Agronomy. (Published)

Gupta G., Shiva Dhar, Dass A., Sharma V. K., Singh R.K., Kumar A., Jinger D. and Kumar A. 2018 Influence of bio-inoculant mediated organic nutrient management on productivity and profitability of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) in a semi-arid agro-ecology. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 88 (10): 1593–6. (Published)

Kumar A., Rana K.S., Choudhary A.K.,  and Rajpoot S. Effect of nutrient-and moisture-management practices on crop growth economics of maize (Zea mays) + soybean (Glycine max) intercropping system under rainfed (Accepted).