Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)

Establishment of Intellectual Property Management Unit of NBAIM in year 2010 marked the beginning of IPR regime primarily focusing towards management of IPR portfolio and transfer/commercialization of technologies at institute level. An attempt has been made for promotion of creation, dissemination, use and protection of intellectual property for socio-economic prosperity as one of the activities of IPR cell established in the institute. An ICAR Plan Scheme on Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/Commercialization of Agricultural Technology Scheme (Up-scaling of existing components i.e. Intellectual Property Right (IPR) under ICAR Headquarters Scheme on Management and Information Services)” is carrying out awareness, guidance and assistance facilities to scientists and researchers at the Institute in relation to IP management.


  • Proper implementation of ICAR guidelines for IP management and technology transfer/ commercialization
  • Increase awareness and enhancing literacy for IPR and capacity building
  • Disclosure of IP contemplated or generated,
  • Patent/IPR/prior art search,
  • Patent/IPR application writing,
  • Filing of applications at the concerned granting authorities,
  • Pre-grant and post-grant follow up,
  • Technology evaluation and screening

Institute Technology Management Committee:

Dr. A K Saxena, Director, NBAIM
Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma, Principal Scientist, NBAIM  
Dr. Alok Kumar Srivastava, Senior Scientist, NBAIM Member
4. Mr. Udai B Singh,  Scientist, NBAIM Member
5. Dr. A. N. Singh, Senior Scientist, DSR, Mau Member (External)
6. Dr Renu, Senior Scientist, NBAIM  Member Secretary