The NBAIM library is enriched in about 1966 books on various subjects like microbiology, biochemistry, plant pathology, environmental science, genetics and genomics, administration, botany, bioinformatics, IPR, molecular biology, nanotechnology, mycology, proteomics, statistics, soil biology, virology, etc. It has collection of about 43 scientific journals/ periodicals. Publications by NBAIM like newsletters, annual report, vision document, laboratory manuals, etc are available at library. Besides this other miscellaneous literature like annual reports and newletters from various organizations, ICAR news and bulletins are also maintained and can be accessed by users. Library is equipped with internet facility and has an access to many international and national journals via CERA (Consortia for e Resources in Agriculture) maintained at AKMU/ARIS cell. Library also has subscription to one weekly and 4 daily newspapers.

List of National and International Journals in NBAIM library

1.    Annual Review of Microbiology
2.    Annual Review of Phytopothology
3.    Applied and Environmental Microbiology                
4.    Agricultural Research
5.    Asian agri-history
6.    Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences  
7.    Biology and Fertility of Soils                           
8.    Canadian Journal of Microbiology                      
9.    Clinical Microbiology                               
10.    Current contents                                         
11.    Current Science                                        
12.    Eukaryotic Cell
13.    FEMS Microbiology Reviews                              
14.    Fungal Genetics and Biology                               
15.    Indian Journal of Experimental Biology                 
16.    Indian Journal of Microbiology                           
17.    Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology                   
18.    Indian Phytopathology                                    
19.    Indian Horticulture
20.    Indian Farming
21.    Journal of Bacteriology                                  
22.    Journal of Biosciences                                    
23.    Journal of Biotechnology                                  
24.    Journal of Eco-friendly Agriculture                       
25.    Journal of the Indian Botanical Society
26.    Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology                 
27.    Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research             
28.    Kheti
29.    Krishika Shodh Patrika
30.    Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction                       
31.    Molecular Plant Pathology                                
32.    Mycobiology                                        
33.    Mycologia                                       
34.    Mycological Research                                  
35.    Microbiological Research
36.    Nature
37.    Pestology
38.    Plant Diseases  
39.    Plant Pathology                                           
40.    Phal Phul
41.    Science
42.    Soil Biology and Biochemistry                            
43.    The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science
 Following members are looking after Library of the institute
1. Dr Renu Senior Scientist
In charge
2. Dr Hillol Chakdar Scientist
Dr K Pandiyan Scientist Member
Sh. P. K. Sahu
Scientist Member