ICAR Networking project on “Application of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Allied Sectors(AMAAS)".

  • Microbial diversity analysis of  extreme ecological niches (PI: S. K. Sharma, Co-PIs: Hillol Chakdar , Karthikeyan N and Alok K. Srivastava)
  • Reference and de novo draft Genome Sequencing of  potential AIMS and their functional annotation (PI: Alok Kumar Srivastava, Co-PIs: P.L. Kashyap,  Hillol Chakdar,  Pandiyan K)
  • Development of microarray based Gene Chip for fungal plant pathogens under the background of DNA barcodes using multilocus gene phylogeny (PI: P. L. Kashyap, Co-PIs: Alok Srivastava, Hillol Chakdar)
  • Microbial Genomic Resource Repository (PI:  Alok K. Srivastava, CoPIs: Hillol Chakdar, Pandiyan K)
  • Coordination and HRD (PI: Director, NBAIM, Co-PIs: Sushil K. Sharma, P.K. Sharma, Udai Bhan Singh)

A. Application of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Allied Sectors

During the period 2012- 2017 there were 55 research projects in the following six theme areas.

Theme 1

Microbial Diversity with Special Focus on

a. Extremophilic and Unique Niches

b. Biomolecules, Industrially Important Enzymes

c. Bioprospecting for novel genes and alleles

d. Microbes from farm, fisheries and animals

e. Metagenomics based community analysis

Theme 2

Taxonomy, Identification and Diagnostics of AIMs

Theme 3

Plant Microbe interactions, Nutrient management, disease control and Agrowaste management

Theme 4

Microbe based Green energy

Theme 5

Microbial Genomic Resource Repository

Theme 6

Human Resource Development and Coordinating Unit