Inter-Institutional Project


Developing technique for acceleration of decomposition process using thermophilic organisms (PI- Asha Sahu, Co-PI- M C Manna, Udai B Singh, J K Thakur, H L Kushwah; IISS is the lead centre and NBAIM, Mau and CIAE, Bhopal are the collaborating centres).

Development of bioformulations for low input organic farming, with CSSRI, Regional Station Lucknow (PI: Dr. Udai Bhan Singh)
Isolation and characterization of heavy metal resistant bacteria and their evaluation for use in agriculture, with IISS, Bhopal (PI: Dr. Renu)
Endophytic bacteria mediated mechanism in biological control of Ralstonia solanacearum and induced systemic resistance in tomato, with IIHR, Bengaluru (PI: Sh. Pramod Sahu)
Developing a comprehensive web based system for agriculturally important microbes, with IASRI, New Delhi (PI: Dr. Renu)
Cryopreservation of microbes and development of improved strategies for cryopreservation, with NBPGR, New Delhi (Dr. Sushil K. Sharma)
Developing Techniques for acceleration of decomposition process using thermophilic organisms, with IISS, Bhopal (Dr. Udai Bhan Singh)
Bioinformatic Approaches for data analysis and functional interfaces in soil metagenome, with IASRI, New Delhi (Dr. D.P. Singh)