Posted On:Tuesday, May 29, 2018

workshop on Microbe based technologies for Soil health and Plant nutrition

A half day workshop on “Microbe based technologies for Soil health and Plant nutrition” was organized by ICAR-NBAIM on 25th May, 2018 at NASC Complex, New Delhi. Dr. Alok K. Srivastava, Principal Scientist ICAR-NBAIM welcomed the dignitaries and participants

Dr.T. Mohapatra, Secretary DARE and DG ICAR, New Delhi, in his inaugural address urged the ICAR Institutes and other institutions working for microbe based technologies to carry out multilocational trials for validation of technologies. He emphasized on preparing consolidated document to present a country picture on microbe based technologies. He suggested to develop a network programme for evaluation and validation of technologies at different locations. He suggested the scientists to develop strategies for fundamental understanding and to contribute to text book knowledge. He urged the microbiologists to develop strain for rapid composting of crop residue.


Dr. P.K. Chakraborty, ADG (PP&B) introduced the subject and stressed upon shift to microbe based technologies to increase the crop yield by 20 % with a reduction in cost and chemicals by 20%. He said that area/region and crop specific products need to be developed. He also emphasized that in the name of biostimulants several spurious products are being marketed which is severely affecting the genuine products and companies.

Dr. Anil K. Saxena , Director, ICAR-NBAIM made a presentation regarding the microbe based technologies developed in ICAR system by different institutes. He showcased the technologies to be used as biofertilizers for field and horticultural crops as biopesticides to compost fungal pathogen and insect pests, as decomposers to develop compost and /to alleviate abiotic stresses.

The Scientists from different ICAR Institutes, SAUs, entrepreneurs and industry personnel, and officials from ICAR HQ participated in the discussion session focused on the need of guidelines, regulations and licensing for bio fertilizers and growth regulators. The industry personnels have raised their concern about mushrooming of companies who are not following the norms and ethics of trade. Dr. Pawan K. Sharma, Principal Scientist ICAR-NBAIM proposed vote of thanks. More than 60 scientists and entrepreneurs participated in the workshop.